adam e bradbury – welcome


Hi, I’m Adam, I write science fiction stories, welcome….

A little about me

I was born in the UK in the county of Kent and grew up on a small farm. I spent my summers chasing starlings out of cherry trees, driving tractors for Guinness, and inventing imaginary friends.

I moved to the rain-soaked north of England at eighteen and have been a ‘plastic northerner’ ever since. For three decades I worked as a physicist but at some point I decided that ‘objective truth’ was not all it was cracked up to be and went back to the written-world.

I now have a shed and love the sound the rain makes on its roof while I’m writing.

Please get in touch

My debut novel The Namesake was published in March of 2018 and one unexpected consequence was that some of my readers (and fellow writers) have become friends. It is great to connect so if you have an opinion on my writing, on science fiction, on life (or on British Trad Jazz) and want to get in touch please jump in. You can follow this page, find me on twitter and Facebook or if you prefer contact me directly via this form.